#quarantinechronicles 4.23

Dorian in NYC writes:

Throughout these difficult times, there are two things that I try to keep in mind to maintain my sanity: solidarity and structure. I focus on solidarity as a positive aspect during such a chaotic time. I constantly reach out to friends and family to remind myself of the feeling of community. Something that I definitely took for granted, was the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones every day… I optimistically believe that this pandemic has brought many people closer together, realizing that everyone–no matter who you are–has been impacted.

Structure is another aspect of “normal” life that I have taken for granted before this era of social distancing. Keeping simple things in my life such as a regular time to wake up or designated times to do homework, study, relax, and spend time with my roommates have been crucial to feeling “normal” during the stress and uncertainty.

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