Dorian in NYC writes:

Throughout these difficult times, there are two things that I try to keep in mind to maintain my sanity: solidarity and structure. I focus on solidarity as a positive aspect during such a chaotic time. I constantly reach out to friends and family to remind myself of the feeling of community. Something that I definitely took for granted, was the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones every day… I optimistically believe that this pandemic has brought many people closer together, realizing that everyone–no matter who you are–has been impacted.

Structure is another aspect of “normal” life that I have taken for granted before this era of social distancing. Keeping simple things in my life such as a regular time to wake up or designated times to do homework, study, relax, and spend time with my roommates have been crucial to feeling “normal” during the stress and uncertainty.

Joel writes:

I have been a Strokes fan since I was 11 years old. They recently released their new LP “The New Abnormal,” and it could not have come in a more timely manner. It blends the essence that made them famous about two decades ago with the newer stylings of front-man Julian Casablancas’ solo work and side project, The Voidz.
I can’t get enough of it, Julian’s falsetto, his runs, the quirky simplicity of the instrumentals… I’ve been listening to it nonstop. In these very melancholy times, the bittersweet melodies, themes of changes, and clever naming of this album make the LP accessible and perhaps necessary for many seeking solace.

Madison from Ohio writes:

While I am sad to have left New York City, I am feeling safe and comfortable while living with my mom in central Ohio. Perhaps the best part of remote education is spending time with Winnie, my dog, who likes to sleep on my lap while I do school work. She makes a worrisome time just a little bit easier. She also gets me outside for at least one walk every day. Although it seems like she only wants to cuddle when I’m working or trying to be productive. She needs to learn to save cuddle time for Netflix on the couch!
Its been difficult to read the news coming out of New York, so I’ve been trying to cut down on my screen time. I try to read the major headlines once per day, and then put it away until the following morning. Avoiding social media and my phone has also allowed me to be more efficient and focused on the task at hand. I wrote twenty pages of my thesis in the past two days! Senioritis? Never met her. I think I’ve done so much because I laid my thesis out in a storyboard. Visualizing the paper in this way, and shifting the cards around to reorganize awkward transitions really made things click.
My mom had to drag me out of my cozy UES apartment a few weeks ago, but I’m glad that she did. As much as I miss the buzz of city life, I know far too many people in the city who have contracted COVID-19, or are simply scared to leave their apartments. I miss you all and can’t wait to return to the city, stronger than ever.