New year, Big news!

Welcome back to Fall 2021! We are thrilled to be back to the academic grind, and excited to see some faces IRL. Masks on, of course!

HUMSOC has some big news to kick off the 21-22 school year!

The Department formerly know as EWL has transformed, upgraded, renewed and renamed and will henceforth be know as-

Writing, Language and Literature. Has a nice ring, don’t you think. The newly named Department has big news hidden in it’s pages: a brand new major.

You can now major in Creative Writing at MMC. What was formerly a Concentration in the major is now full blown major unto itself. The official announcement from Dept. Chair Michael Colvin came earlier this summer:

We are pleased to announce that the Department of English and World Literatures (EWL) will be merging with the Department of Academic Writing (WRIT) as of July 1, 2021. Our new name will be the Department of Writing, Literature, and Language. Starting this summer, students can declare as their major a B.F.A. in Creative Writing, or a B.A. in English and World Literatures with a concentration in Literature or Literature and Media. The Department of Writing, Literature, and Language will be the home of the Academic Writing Program, and will continue to offer minors in Creative Writing, Literature, and Literature and Media; and language and culture classes in Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

– Prof Michael Colvin

All these exciting changes got us wondering: How was the study of English evolved at MMC?

The earliest records we could find show an English program heavily focused on American and European literature, but there are definitely a few classes that are still on the books! When yours truly (esteemed HUMSOC admin and MMC alum) arrived on campus the English Dept. had minors, but no concentrations, and featured core classes organized by era, with some focused on theme or genre. By the time I matriculated English had become English and World Literatures (2010), with a focus on moving towards a broader canon. This Dept. also included a concentration in Creative Writing, which had previously only been available as a minor.

When I showed up in 2004 there wasn’t even a CRW minor, so I designed that and it grew into a concentration in EWL in 2014 (?) and NOW it’s a BFA in WLL.

– Prof Jerry Williams

Thanks for joining us on that jaunt down memory lane in appreciation of our wonderful faculty past and present, and also of all the ways HUMSOC continues to grow and evolve. If you have any questions about WWL reach out to Prof Colvin, and all Creative Writing questions can go straight to Prof Williams. The HUMSOC fam is now located on main campus, split between CH202 and NH151. Stop by with any questions, comments, concerns and long delayed greetings. It really has been wonderful to see folks back in action.

Off to the races! First reminder of the school year to stay hydrated, stay kind, get rest and take care of yourselves and each other. As always, thanks for reading.

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