Welcome back to the 255! We would like to send you all our warmest regards as the seasons continue to rapidly change and semester quickly progresses. This week, we will address the election and encourage of all our viewers to get out there and vote. No matter your political affiliation, it is important that we remind everyone of their constitutional right to participate in our democracy. Taking advantage of this particular moment, we reached out with members of the MMC community and asked them a few questions regarding their prospectives on voting and the upcoming election!

  1. Why do you believe it is important to vote?

I think it is important to vote because the simple action of doing so can set the tone of not only your life but the entire nation. Voting is a form of raising our voices and speaking up for what we care about. And alternatively, not voting is simply not caring about what could happen. Vote even if the aftermath of this election doesn’t seem to affect you, and use that privilege to educate others about voting because at the end of the day, people’s lives depend on it, even if yours doesn’t. Every vote makes a difference and so does yours.

Giselle Caraballo, Psychology Major, Class of 2022

2. What gives you hope and allows you to remain optimistic regarding the upcoming election?

I find hope in seeing the changing world. Each day I am reminded by individuals who raise their voices, amplify their issues, and protest in the streets of the progress that we are making towards a more equitable society. Despite the many times that I become discouraged by the response and actions of our government, I try to focus on the movement and progress we, as a nation, are making. I look to history to remind myself of all of the changemakers that have fought these battles since the beginning of time. I remain optimistic as I find myself following the footsteps of those who have long fought these fights before my generation. I see the change that we as a society are demanding. I see movements such as the Black Lives Matter and Sun Rise and I am given hope that we CAN win this battle. And it is inevitably that hope that I hold on to, because if I didn’t I would forget what I am fighting for.

Dorian Provencher, International Studies and Politics & Human Rights Major, Class of 2022

3. What inspired you to vote this election? What are productive tactics you believe help inspire younger generations to vote?

Voting is the absolute least any of us can do in a democratic society. America has never been a true democracy, and yet throughout history disenfranchised groups have fought to exercise this right. Especially black and brown folks. Voting is how we hold one another accountable, and how we realize the ideal vision of a democratic nation (which, for the record, is more than the original vision of the founding fathers.) Voting is one way we take care of our community, and as we’ve seen, if we sleep on it some will try to make it harder. But they give themselves away. If it didn’t matter they wouldn’t try so hard to stop us from being heard. That’s the truth that is too loud to ignore.

Alexandra Dill, Administrative Assistant for the Humanities and Social Sciences Division

4. Do you consider yourself to be politically active? Why or why not? Has your activity increased or decreased overtime?

I do consider myself to be politically active. Although I definitely was not in high school, I became aware of the importance of politics and the effects that it has on my everyday life. I actually came to MMC to study Theatre Arts, but after a class in International Relations and Politics, I knew that this field of study was the track for me. I believe my engagement with politics has evolved overtime. Though I believe that we need to consistently put pressure on the government – no matter the administration – to uphold and protect our most basic human rights, the Trump administrations horrific actions against minority communities is what pushed me to become more engaged in the political world. No matter the result of this election, I will continually advocate for the protection of all individuals’ basic human rights. It is about time that this nation begins to reflect on the very thing that is embedded at its constitutional foundation “We The People.” I truly believe that the more we demand our government reflect who we are as a nation, the better off this country will be for everyone. And that starts with being politically active.

Dorian Provencher, International Studies and Politics & Human Rights Major, Class of 2022

Thank you to all of the individuals that took the time to answer our questions! We are thrilled to get students perspectives on political participation as their involvement is crucial for the progression of the US democracy. For individuals wanting to know more about the voting process and that it entails, please check out the link [here]. We would finally like to gently remind everyone to be kind, stay safe, vote when called to and stay hopeful.

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